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2020 Intention Setting

I am a goal-driven person, so creating New Year’s Resolutions has always been fun for me! I usually forget what I write down and don’t necessarily achieve all of my set goals, but resolution setting should be thought of as more than just a list of tasks to complete!

Set 2020 Intentions. Setting an intention involves asking yourself what matters most to you. The practice of intention setting is commonly used before a yoga class, but it definitely works off the mat too!

For me the word “intention” comes off as less demanding and allows for more wiggle room than a set goal. When I set an intention for the day such as “to be motivated and productive,” there aren't any details specific for how I am going to have a “motivated and productive” day rather it clarifies how I want to align my day’s actions. Here’s another important factor to succeed: you must have a WHY!

Why do I want to be productive today?

I have lots of projects to finish up and I will be going out of town.

Explaining to yourself the reason why you set your intention can sound silly, but new awareness on the situation may arise.

Such as, I know I will be stressed on vacation if I don’t finish my loose ends. Being present on vacation is important to me so being productive now will benefit me in the long run.

**TIP: If you find it easier to think of a tangible goal it’s still possible to uncover your underlying intention. Asking WHY helps me to realize what I truly want from the goal. Then I answer and ask again Why? As many times as needed.This helps get to the core of why you really want something thus you can go straight to that core value. That value can be your intention!**

The practice of intention setting shows your consciousness: what you align with and want to get out of your life. By embodying your intention, having your mind, heart, and actions aligned on an intention, it helps bring that intention into reality.

A mantra to remember the purpose of intention setting is simply said by Wayne Dyer, “Our intention creates our reality.”

I got this new journal for Christmas and already broke it in with some New Year Intentions!

I encourage you to find a notebook or piece of paper and follow along through this short intention setting guide. Remember intentions are not goals; you don’t want to attach expectations or judgements. Intentions are meant to aim you in the direction you want your life to go!

Start by reflecting on these questions and jot down words that arise:

  • What brings you joy?

  • What would you like to let go of?

  • What would you like to create in your life?

  • Which fears would you like to release?

  • How would you want someone to describe you?

  • Whom would you like to forgive?

Next, read whichever thoughts or words came up during your reflection and transform any negative phrases into positive ones, such as turning “not having good communication” into “opening up” or “taking time to be vulnerable.”

Above all, set intentions as specific or as simple as you like! The words or phrases you choose only have to make sense to you!

Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green,

Lizzie Shutt


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