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5 Steps to a Balanced Life

Balance ~ Equanimity

A balanced life is what we all are looking for, wanting to learn how to do. During my health consultations creating a balanced life is the underlying goal of everyone.

The yin and the yang.

The sweet and the spicy.

The wolves and the rabbits.

Your divine feminine and divine masculine.

Balance is embedded into the nature of the universe.

We are living on a rock in perfect balance with the solar system to ultimately foster life!!

Of course we are all going to crave a balanced life! The question is WHY are we unbalanced and HOW can we regain our balance?

These are personal questions that will be unique to your circumstances. We all have different things in life that throw us off, yet there are some basic practices to help you on your journey towards walking a balanced life path. I’m bringing back the plant metaphors for this too!

1. Prune Your Branches

You can’t do everything at once. I heard a quote recently “you can do it all, but one at a time”. This really resonates with me because I love helping and taking all the cool opportunities that present themselves. Yet, this way of living is draining. Prune your branches so your energy is flowing strongly into nourishing the few branches. It will result in better mental clarity and work outcomes, aka pretty flowers!

FIRST STEP: Write a list of your top five priorities in your life. Align your weekly actions to balance between these top five. Say NO to anything that does not align!!

2. Fertilize & Water Your Soil

Health is something we often don’t prioritize until we are sick! We know we should eat healthy and exercise, but it isn’t prioritized. Naturally fertilize your soil with whole-foods, meaning baked potato not potato chips. Grocery shop on the perimeter of the store, the inside aisles contain the processed food. Water your plant with weight training, walks, or windsurfing! (tried to think of some “w” words haha) Make time to get active, and move what your mama gave you!

First Step: Plan ahead: meal prep and create a commitment to 10 minutes of movement a day!

3. Fight The Pests

Cleanse your life from the pests that eat away at your time, energy, money, and tasty leaves! These pests can be found on social media, people you follow on Facebook, your job, your kid’s school, these are the whiners, complainers, the negative people that bring you down.

First Step: Set boundaries with yourself and who you spend time with. Make a plan to hang out with someone you always laugh with!

4. Deepen Your Roots

Be a student to life and the world around you! Explore your local parks, enroll in a workshop, read a book, join a spiritual community -- there are endless ways to keep expanding your horizon and actively promote brain health. Your roots ground you, take up the nutrients and water you need to keep growing above ground. Deepen your roots by stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring new things!

First Step: Commit to one action this week outside of your routine: make a new recipe, join me in attending “Mindfulness and Happiness workshop” Friday, research something you’ve always wanted to learn!

5. Dance With the Wind

Be flexible and have fun! Life is all about enjoying the process, we are meant to laugh and play like curious children for our whole life. Channel that inner child and embrace the awkward goofy kid within!

First Step: Go take a shower, put on your favorite jamming song, and dance cause no one’s watching!! Or express yourself with a paintbrush and canvas!

I believe we can all live balanced lives if we took the time to reflect on what we want and don’t want and then ACTUALLY prioritized the things that fill our cups and prune away the things that drain our cups. When your cup is overflowing you are able to share it with those around you and through the work you do!

Let me know which FIRST STEP you are committing to this week by emailing me lizzieshutt3@gmail.com or sharing on social media and tagging me! @livewliz

I will keep you accountable throughout the week!!

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green”,

Lizzie Shutt


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