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Art For Abroad: An Environmental Awareness Showcase

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

What a successful night! Last Friday I put together an art showcase to raise money for my study abroad program and a local non-profit, Wise Tribe. Being the last minute person I was still finishing up pieces that morning haha, but I proudly got them all completed and was able to present 21 pieces on display.

The event raised $4,240 in total! I chose to donate 50% of the proceeds to Wise Tribe because it’s an organization that is empowering forward-thinking people to join together and create a wiser community. This is what every community needs to do if we plan on changing the world (which is on my agenda)! I thought my art complimented Wise Tribe’s theme of leadership and ingenuity. Global communities are starting to realize the importance of addressing climate change. By individuals taking responsibility for their actions and joining together to share their insights a community of conscious people will arise to better themselves and the planet.

Jacqueline, Wise Tribe's founder, and I with "Free Your Food" piece she purchased!

I draw daily inspiration from nature. Observing the natural world has had a profound influence on the way I think and act, which can clearly be seen throughout my artwork. I expressed a variety of concepts in my exhibit, but I believe the overall theme is that climate change is real and humans play a major role in the environmental crisis. I show our planet is suffering, but we have the power to choose what path to continue down: a destructive path or a regenerative path. Through my art I hope to inspire and bring awareness to the environmental issues we currently face.

I believe we are all connected with nature. If our environment is degrading it is a reflection of what is happening in our society. I am passionate about reconnecting people back with nature thus by default heal themselves and the planet.

Big thank you to everyone who donated and attended my event! Looking forward to creating new pieces for a future date! Check out the pictures below to see the pieces although the camera quality doesn’t do them justice.

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green”,

Lizzie Shutt


P.S. Next week’s post will teach you how to create your own paint flowing art (Tropical Views and Australia's Blazes)!

A Toxic Taste

Earth's Vital Signs

Trash Beach / Clean Beach

Future Cities

The Future Forests

Free Your Food

What Will You Breath?

A Peaceful Victory

Tropical Blues View #1 & #2

Grow In Love

The Plastic Ride

Australia's Blazes #1 #2 #3

(I didn't get great photos of these)

Space Bananas

African Elephants

The donation page is still open if you click details > Forest Donation! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/art-for-abroad-an-environmental-awareness-showcase-tickets-90390284775#

A few pieces were not photographed whoops!

Thanks for viewing :) I'm open to creating customized pieces just reach out!

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