• Lizzie Shutt

About "Branches" Section

Branches are extensions of the trunk just as your behaviors are extensions of yourself. Acting as a net for sunlight, branches grow sideways, up, and down to maximize light exposure for the leaves to photosynthesize. This extension is essential for the tree to create the energy it needs via the leaves.

Leaves are the site of photosynthesis; transformation of light energy + CO2 ----> Glucose + O2

This internal plant process is crucial to ecosystem functioning. In this section I hope to illuminate the parallel between plant respiration and how human behaviors can contribute to regenerative cycles both within their own body and surrounding environment. Humans function in the same way by taking in external information and transforming it into holistic solutions for the larger society and environment.

This section will offer inspiration, ideas, and resources to grow your branches and maximize the sunlight and energy to feed your tree. Featuring topics about community success stories, environmentally conscious brands, regenerative agriculture principles and how it applies systems-thinking, and much more!

Looking up in Yosemite Valley...something you do a lot visiting this park! #bigrocks

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