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Dance With Nature's Cycles

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

photo cred: @sofiacruzan

Do you ever blame yourself for being exhausted, burnt out, or wanting to sleep in longer? Well if so I want to let you know you’re not alone and you’re not to blame. Rather than blaming someone or something for how you feel take ownership and initiative to step-back, breathe, and reconnect to the rhythms of nature.

Cycles are all around us: seasons, day and night, birth and death, seed to tree, the revolutions of the planets, climate patterns. We come from nature’s cycles, therefore our internal clock is designed to work with nature’s time. However, Western culture rewards overtime, praises pushing yourself, and constantly promotes new stimulant products to help you achieve your 20-thing to-do list each day. That lifestyle is not beneficial to you, nature, or the collective (as you are part of the greater whole).

When in tune with nature’s rhythms you will always be at the right place at the right time. Synchronicities will appear often and they are a sign that you are moving on a path most true to you! Living out of touch with nature’s cycles can drain you physically and emotionally.

Everything with mass has an energy to it. Your personal energy field is connected within the larger energy field of the planet and ultimately the solar systems. When you come to understand this idea of a vast network that we are all part of you can see why your environment, surrounding friend group, food you eat and music you listen to all affect your personal energy field and in return your energy field affects the greater whole. Take a moment to let that sink in… #YOUMATTER

So as nature is energy, energy therefore moves in cycles. This concept can influence your whole life, especially once you start to tune in and harmonize with the rhythms of nature. My intention with living in a van while studying abroad in New Zealand is to tune in more and flow with the cycles of nature. These past two weeks have been a great start. It’s helpful that the sun rises around 6:20 am and sets around 9 pm because this has allowed me to follow the sun’s sleep schedule. I rarely am on technology once I leave campus thus artificial light does not interfere with my winding down and waking up time. Even if the daylight is not as long as you would like where you live you can still have a routine of waking up and winding down that is peaceful and appropriate for you (see below ideas)!

Ideas for Incorporating:

  • No electronics past designated time

  • Listen to your body in response to caffeine (consider whether it negatively affects you or your dependency level)

  • Reading, Journaling, or Snuggling a Loved One

There is a reluctance in western culture to let go. We want to hold on to our energy, hold on to our things, but that is not the rhythm of nature. Nature releases heavy rains, allows the wind to blow wild, reptiles shed their skin, and fruit trees will drop flowers and fruit if they aren’t contributing towards furthering its cycle of life. Letting go of what no longer serves you, releasing emotions, resting, and self-care time are critical periods of your day that will in turn re-energize and re-boot your system for a new day. By trying to hold all our energy, to keep going up and up the ladder in hopes of success is not sustainable. The concept of climbing the ladder of success does not portray any time to come back down, which is critical for reflection, rest, and remembering the rhythm of nature.

Dance To The Music Of Nature!

"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green",

Lizzie Shutt


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