• Lizzie Shutt

About "Flowers" Section

Flowers are the characteristics of the evolutionarily highest group of plants (angiosperms), which come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I see flowers as representing human’s highest potential selves who likewise are so different in external appearance. However, all flowers exist to create a seed to continue their population. Stamens and pistils, male and female reproductive parts, are both required for production of seed, yet these parts are not always present on one flower. “Perfect” flowers contain both male and female structures. Humans don’t necessarily contain both reproductive organs, but I believe we are “perfect” flowers in the sense that we have both masculine and feminine energies that in balance can produce a beautiful “perfect” flower.

This section will blossom with tools for manifestation, sustainable goal setting, developing divine feminine and masculine energy, and empowering you to be passionate throughout life.

Lotus Flowers rise up from a muck environment and bloom beautifully above the water, resembling the path to enlightenment in Buddhism. Purifying the spirit from the murky waters and remaining faithful to the process of growth is symbolized by the lotus flower. Purple lotus flowers signify spiritual awakening and mysticism. (taken in “Jardín Secreto” or “Secret Garden” in Costa Rica)

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