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How to Release Anxiety and Worry

The social world is becoming very polarized and many of my friends, family, and millions around the world are sitting on the edge of their seat this week due to the election. I want to share how I deal with these polarizing opinions and the anxiety overwhelm that often comes with it…

Simply stated my solution in two words: Let Go

The practice of letting go is a deep and powerful one that I have really engaged with this past year. I have a feeling many of you have practiced it too whether or not you were conscious of it.

For many of us...this past year we have let go of seeing our grandparents in person, let go of attending in-person classes, let go of hanging out with friends, let go of going on vacation, let go of jobs, let go of normal daily life…

This has not been an easy year, but I believe it has taught us how to let go. As humans, we act like we are the gods of this planet, like we know what is best for every being. However the results of our actions don’t seem to support that we know how to “play god”. (I’m thinking about the environmental crisis, racial injustices, poverty, world hunger, mental and physical health issues at all time highs, political corruption)

I like to practice letting go by looking at what I can and can’t control.

Once you recognize what you can’t control then it frees you, you are liberated and can free your mind from the worry and anxiety because you just can’t control it!

Yes this is easier said than done. That is why we practice.

We can all practice focusing on what we Can control and releasing the worry about what we Can’t control. I promise this practice will help you feel more at peace, compassionate, and clear-headed.

Imagine if we all focused on controlling our own lives rather than everyone else's!

As you listen to the News, Social Media, Neighbors or Family this week remember that you are only in control of YOU! Let go of controlling others, let go of what the election outcome is going to be, LET GO and feel the sense of relief wash over you!

I do want to clarify that “letting go” does not mean to sit back and be a couch potato. I still strongly believe in inspiring others, in doing kind actions, and caring for others. There is a difference between clinging to a desired outcome vs. advocating for action and understanding that you can only give your own best effort while letting go of the outcome.

This is a deep philosophical practice I don’t expect to explain in a simple blog post… if you are looking to dive deeper into this practice I recommend this book: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender or booking a free clarity call with me: Here!

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything -- anger, anxiety, possessions -- we cannot be free.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green",

Lizzie Shutt


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