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How-To Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You're An Artist

We are all artists in our own ways whether it be in the kitchen, singing in the shower, or with a paintbrush. There are so many unique ways to express yourself. However, if you're looking for an art project that takes little skill, yet looks like it belongs at Art Basel you're in the right place!? Here I explain one of my favorite types of art. It's technical name is “Acrylic Pouring”, but I like “Flowy Painting” better! Once you get in the grove of making your first one you’ll want to make multiple so I recommend having multiple canvases on hand! Videos are included below :)


  • Latex Floetrol

  • Paper cups (I wash them out and reuse)

  • Stirring sticks or use the back of paint brushes

  • Canvas or other hard surface you want to paint

  • Acrylic Paints (I usually use 4 colors)

  • Ratty Towel

  • Glossy Modge Podge

  • Time to dry!

  1. Lay the towel down in an open area. You can do it outside if it’s not too windy out!

  2. In the paper cups pour about 4:3 ratio of paint : Floetrol. More Floetrol will create more bubbly circles. This is not a bad thing, it's just a different look! Also you can add a little water if the consistency is too thick. You want to be able to stick the mixing utensil in and have the mixture be able to drip off when you pull the stick out.

  3. Repeat this until you have created all the mixtures of colors in their own separate cup.

  4. Get ready now you’re about to pour! In an empty cup pour your first color. Pour all your color mixtures on top of each other; you can switch between colors and not use all of the mix.

  • EX: If I had red, orange, yellow, gray, then in the empty cup I could pour some red then some yellow, orange, gray, some red, and yellow to top it off.

  1. Pour across one side or zig zag or create your own flow. You may need to pour more during the process to cover the whole canvas.

  2. Tilt your canvas in all directions to get the paint flowing to the side of the canvas. Your hands and towel will receive a nice design too!

  3. Once you have the design complete lay it on a flat surface to dry. It takes at least 24 hours to dry. If it’s not flat then the paint will run and your design will turn out different. I have checked my out the next day and it was totally different haha!

  4. After it dries you can put a sealant on top. I use Glossy Multi-Surface Mod Podge. Just make sure your painting is dry and use a large soft paint brush. Cover the canvas generously and don’t worry it dries clear!

Check out these videos for inspo!

Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green,

Lizzie Shutt


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