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I'm Just Getting Started!

It’s only been one year since I launched my first post, but over these past 52 weeks I have grown so much and felt all the feelings...so it really feels like many years. College, young 20’s, is a time for transformation, discovery, risk-taking, and ultimately finding your people and passions through this change process. With much change it makes sense that it feels like many years packed in one. Here’s a brief story on how my blog and I have shaped up to be here now.

A little over a year ago I invested in myself by joining an online course led by the amazing Alana Lima (check her out: @radiatebliss). I felt stuck, confused, not connected to myself and what I wanted to do...this group of ladies inspired me and Alana’s weekly activities helped me gain clarity on what my next step was: starting a blog. I didn’t go into the course with this goal, but it kinda lingered in my mind along with all the self-doubt keeping me from starting an online platform.

My biggest limiting belief that I held on to for so long (it still comes up):

“Nobody wants to listen to me, nobody cares what I have to say”.

Writing out these words may sound silly to you who reads my blogs and see my social media posts, all curated with the intention to share my experiences, inspire others, and support my community. Starting a blog was a jumping off the cliff moment for me. I had built confidence and knowledge around the ideas I wanted to share and felt so PASSIONATE to help heal the world that I knew whatever happened, whoever wanted to read it was enough. I didn’t need to be an overnight success I needed to start right where I am at the place of Here & Now.

I am so happy to have started this platform and ecstatic that many of my friends, family, and people that I have never met read my posts and cook up some of my favorite plant-based recipes! You showing up here to read my blog or recipe every Monday motivates me to keep creating new and exciting content, so Thank YOU!

A little more to the story…

Alana, the coach of the program I was in last year, had just graduated from Integrative Nutrition School at the time we connected. This sparked interest in me because although I loved studying Horticulture/Organic Agriculture at UF I still felt a big part of me wanting to learn more about the body, nutrition, the psychological side of behaviors and child development. I was reading books and listening to podcasts about this stuff 24/7, but I knew that committing to a 1-year program that walked me through the process of becoming a Health Coach would really take me to the next level.

I enrolled last September and will graduate from this course in Fall. Over the next few months I will be passionately working away at launching my Health Coaching business and group program. Get Readyyy!! I’m so excited!

My big takeaway from this past year has been about risk-taking. Risks can get a bad rap so instead I’ll call them pivotal points. On my life path when I start to feel lost, directionless, anxious I bring awareness and acknowledge these feelings. I know it is then that some change in my life must occur or I will continue to feel “stuck in the rut.” It’s time for a pivot! That does not mean to take any old risk or pivot point. I have found that this decision needs to come from the heart, not the head. So when you find yourself stuck or at a fork in the road, go inward, listen to your intuition, quiet the mind and let your heart speak. Creating a deep connection with your inner self built on self awareness and self love will lead you where you are meant to be (it’s not always easy but so worth it!!)

If this resonates with you and you would like support on your journey, contact me. I would love to support you in any way possible. I am offering a free Health History session to those who feel called to start their wellness journey! Email me lizzieshutt3@gmail.com to set up your call.

Journal Prompts:

What is holding you back from starting ____ today?

What would be a pivot point in your past?

What would pivoting right now look like to you? feel like for you?

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green”,

Lizzie Shutt



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