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M.E. Meditation

Mindful Exercise Meditation

Zen Master Suzuki Roshi said, "The most important thing is remembering the most important thing."

The statement seems to have obvious meaning at first glance, but its simplicity is what caught me off guard. It makes sense that the most important thing in your life is what you would be working on and appreciating daily, yet that thing may easily be pushed aside with the hustle and bustle of modern society. With many outside demands from relationships, work, finances and education, personal health and well-being can be overlooked.

Discovering what the heart wants most as well as what will be a guiding force to realizing your truth and find meaning and love in life requires digging deep within your roots. For me, these discoveries have been during meditative moments while immersed in nature and practicing mindfulness. One important thing I know for certain is the need to be fully present in the moment, allowing you to be more connected to your heart center, being radically open and receptive.

So, I invite you to connect with your heart.

Here is a short guideline to practice heart connection:

  1. Find a quiet area; turn electronics off.

  2. Sit upright (on a floor cushion or chair) with your eyes closed.

  3. Notice your breath, following the natural rise and fall of the belly with inhalations and exhalations.

  4. Now that your mind has quieted, you can open up; don’t limit yourself or shut down anythoughts— trust your gut!

  5. Ask yourself prompting questions directed towards the heart:

  • “If I got what I wanted, what would that truly give me?”

  • “What most matters in this life?”

  • “What does my heart really long for?”

6. Take out a piece of paper and write which thoughts and feelings came up. As you write, reread the prompts to further deepen your inner conversation.

During meditative practice, stay in touch with feelings in your body, most importantly the heart. Your aspirations may change as you continue your practice; this is normal and it’s important to let your feelings flow. Don’t suppress your truth. If no real sense of connection comes up at the moment, it’s okay! You may just sit quietly, open to the experience or choose to continue at a later time.

Post-it notes, screen savers, creating a vision board, and sharing your experience with others are all ways to remind you daily of what's most important. Dedicating time for such a practice will lead to a life filled with more joy, peace, and connection.

A transformative night in our relationship included a shared meditation captured with self-timer photo. Feelings of clarity and sounds of rainfall filled our room at the Nosara Beach Hostel, Costa Rica.

As social creatures, humans look to help others whether it be their family members, friends or earning a paycheck to financially support themselves. Learn to support yourself, too, because if you don’t develop strong root connections from your self-tree how can you reach your maximum growth? Reaching that growth point has a ripple effect because you are living your truth; others will feel this energy or see your joy for life and inquire how you have grown into this fruiting tree.

Heart-opening practices are not easy, but essential to blossom into the fruitful tree you have the power to be! #ExponentialPotential

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green”

Lizzie Shutt


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