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Manifestation & Morning Routines

This Pandemic or rather Paradigm shift is a blessing for all of us who are able to stay home. My gratitude goes out to the many healthcare workers and industry workers that remain on the frontline to care for the sick, work on developing medicine, and protect our communities. Your service is deeply appreciated by all.

Right now is an essential time to go inwards. I’m not trying to be hippy-dippy about the situation. I simply believe this time is a gift.

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Think about it - you have no obligation to leave your home, no distractions pulling you to work or the typical rat race and to-do lists. Yes you may still be working from home, which is awesome and something businesses need to move towards, but don’t let that be your excuse! You at least can capture the time it took to commute to work or drive kids to school and put that time into you!

“I don’t have enough time.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m really bad at meditating.”

These are all-too-common excuses for not taking care of yourself, myself included can fall into being “too busy”. Well the time is now to start implementing self-care into your daily routine and manifesting your dreams (you’re never too old to dream).

Personally I have created a morning routine of waking up around 7:45am, peeing, journaling whatever thoughts (it doesn’t have to make sense), and meditating for at least 10 minutes, followed by eating breakfast outside in the sunshine. I don’t respond to any messages on my phone and leave it on Do Not Disturb until after brekkie. I use the meditation app Insight Timer, but there’s plenty of others (Headspace, CALM, youtube).

Sticking to my routine is not easy. Some days I want to sleep more, skip my meditation, or answer a text right away, but I stay committed and continue to practice because I know when I’m done I feel refreshed, clear, calm, and ready to start my day.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

I am forming a habit, a ritual, that acts as a reset button so I can have clarity for the day. I tend to struggle with time management and single-pointed focus because there’s so many ideas in my head, but by practicing my morning ritual I calm my monkey mind. Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of a morning routine for peak excellence during the day ahead.

If you find your mornings are not suitable to take time off for you that is okay! Before bed is another great time to reflect, relax, and practice just being. The benefits of meditation and creating a self-care routine are endless! Most successful people have formed habits of excellence.

Moving now to manifestation, which I believe falls into the category of self-care because in order to live the life you desire you must honor and believe in yourself.

To manifest your dreams, you must do the work. You can’t just think positive thoughts and wish and hope for these dreams, you have to act on them. This requires getting real with yourself, which can be an emotional process, but it’s necessary to release all the stories we continue to tell our subconscious (this is a whole other blog). My bestie just launched her website and has a beautiful blog about healing and ways she has practiced releasing trauma.

Everyone is worthy to live out their dream. Past experiences that told us we weren’t worthy are limiting beliefs, they keep us in the same “safe” place. These beliefs are rooted in fear, which as a child you are more prone to because kids can’t understand the entirety of a situation. Therefore, they develop coping mechanisms and suppress traumas to deal with the fear, yet fear remains in the body and mind.

Most of the thinking and behaviors you act out as an adult are a result of your childhood experiences, a major part of manifesting and attracting a life you want is to work towards healing your inner child. You are not alone, everyone has trauma even if something doesn't exactly come to mind right now. (Future blog post on healing your inner child)

  • If you are looking to dive deeper into manifesting a relationship, money, a job, your dream life and healing your inner child check out Lacy Phillips workshops. She has a free one out now to help people financially during the Pandemic, included are journal prompts and videos to guide you in a meditative reflection. To gain clarity on my life I found her free Clarity Workshop super helpful too. In addition, here is her podcast: Expanded.

To manifest your dreams you must learn to love and respect yourself, set boundaries and say NO, learn to let go and understand everything in life needs to constantly flow between highs and lows.

There would be no fun and pleasure in life if everything was easy. No matter what life throws at you I hope you can find the lesson and grow stronger from your experience. That’s the real beauty in life.

We tend to always see the problems in everything and everyone around us, when in reality the way to healing your world is to first heal you. It can be scary and filled with uncertainty, but you are the only person that can truly make yourself happy. All you need and seek lies within, take this time to tune into you!

I am trying everyday to dedicate some time for me to just be with myself, listen to my mind and body, and try to gain clarity on what I truly need in this moment and desire for my future.

Some Ideas:

Sending my love to you all.

"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green,"

Lizzie Shutt


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