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Pandemic Energetics and the Rise of New Technology

Right now the energy, the quantum physics of our world, is shifting.

We are experiencing a global paradigm shift.

A Paradigm can be defined as mental programming that controls our behavior. It’s the habits passed down generations to generations. How you go about solving a problem or viewing the world are shaped by your paradigms. But if you zoom out from this human perspective a paradigm is ultimately how a system runs.

Many ancient texts, spiritual teachings, and scientific work have all predicted that sometime around 2020 the energetics would shift rapidly. This energy has been building up for a while to now reach this point of rapid transformation.

Just think about our lives right now, globally no one is living or thinking the same during this pandemic. This is a unique event different from past pandemics because we are all becoming more connected by staying home with family, FaceTiming all our friends, or diving deep into our own souls to heal. Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of online interactions, which people thought would take years to take root...

This is a time to EVOLVE. Evolution/change occurs more rapidly at times like this because our systems are being broken down, which creates room for regrowth. The sky's the limit! It will not be the strongest or most intelligent people who thrive, it will be the most ADAPTABLE.

Not only are humans on the brink of a quantum leap, but so is the technology we encounter daily.

Have you ever heard of Moore’s Law? I don’t completely understand it, but basically in 1965 Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, observed that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit was doubling every two years. This understanding has resulted in fast technological advancement, it allows everything to get faster and smaller. Think of the old giant supercomputers and now look at our smart phones that do more than those could.

However this law has been unraveling for years and researchers predicted it would soon end. In one of the articles I was reading about the law, it predicted around 2020 the law would cease. You see due to Moore's Law more and more transistors have been squeezed onto silicon wafers to advance technology. Silicon yields to quantum mechanical reality, so as this quantum reality we are in shifts the silicon will no longer respond in the same manner. #mindblown!

Due to this prediction, technicians have been investigating other forms of computing: carbon nanotubes, silicon microchips, quantum computing... So technology will continue to advance, but in a different manner. (this stuff is so cool why am I not taught this in school!?)

IBM’s Chief Innovation Officer, Bernie Meyerson, stated something that really clicked in me, “Quite frankly, for general purpose computing all that stuff isn’t very helpful and we’ll never develop it in time to make an impact beyond specialized applications over the next 5 or 10 years. For the practical future, we need to change our focus from chip performance to how systems perform as a whole by pursuing both hardware and software strategies.”

Basically Meyerson said the forms they were investigating aren’t a sure-thing solution, suggesting they need to “zoom out” from focusing on chips to the larger picture of the system.

What he is saying about shifting in technology is what I believe our human consciousness will have to do, as well, during this paradigm shift. We need to reanalyze our lives and our programming because the physics that run our world is changing. If you resist change, then you will not be understood by future generations and you will feel disconnected.

In another article this author dives deep into some future technology and explains that it will be hardwired to act like our brains. This will allow for greater collaboration with machines and one another.

Furthering this idea of advanced technology into everyday life we already are starting to see shifts in the way successful businesses are run: by utilizing technology platforms. An example is Amazon. The business connects third-party producers and delivers to an enormous range of consumers. The company creates a wider range of connections to occur that may not have happened without this middle man, aka, technology..

This pandemic has shown how online business structures can be created for greater global connection. Before trying to start a new business or figuring out how you’re going to financially survive through this time I truly believe you first need to do the work within! My next blog will go into this critical topic. Without getting real with yourself you may not have clarity on what you truly desire in this life.

If you are reading this then I believe it is no mistake. Something within you seeks to understand life beyond this physical realm. You are opening up to change.

Transformation is not a single event. It requires a personal “aha” moment, in which that energy can propel you on your own personal journey and together with a like-minded community to transform and find purpose in everyday life.

Thank you for being part of my journey, I am honored to have a platform to share my thoughts and experiences with people like you.

"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green",

Lizzie Shutt


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