• Lizzie Shutt

About "Roots" Section

Roots anchor seedlings and redwoods alike. They absorb water and minerals, essential ingredients for healthy plant growth. I see values and beliefs as the soil surrounding our human roots. Nature, Family, Love, Health, Travel are my core values I’m rooted in because they fuel my passions and continue my growth.

Roots underground continue to branch from internal tissue, rather than stem buds, as the plant matures. This is an important connection to draw from nature: internal growth continues with external growth. Humans, typically the feminine side, tend to naturally get caught up in fixing everything and everyone else in the world at the expense of their own inner reflection. This is a "deep" topic—no pun intended—but a crucial conversation because both are necessary to have if you want to reach your full fruiting potential.

Roots represent self-growth, nourishing the body, mind, and spirit, as a daily practice. Grounding morning routines, gratitude and forgiveness practices, self-love, mindfulness, and the importance of your microbiome will be introduced in this section.

Pineapple Sage: I took a cutting from the mother plant, added rooting hormone to the bottom of the cut stem. This is a form of propagation to clone the plant.

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