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Self-Worth to Net Worth

Financially Successful Business Person.

Reading those words what comes to mind?

When I imagine a financially successful business woman, I picture a confident, polished, charismatic boss lady striding down the office aisle. I attribute most of these details to mainstream TV and media portrayals, which can be deceiving because not all successful people look this way. However, a powerful takeaway from the boss lady is how she carries herself with a sense of dignity. She knows she is capable of anything and strides confidently in her skin! This ideal person does exist in more than just my imagination, and there are many successful men and women who prioritize health and wellness in order to reach and live a successful life! A great example is Serena Williams, she is the first athlete to make it on Forbes Richest Self-Made Woman List. This post is not all about the money, but rather the secret behind successful people.

Self worth may sound synonymous to self-esteem, yet in reality self-worth stems from internal factors while self-esteem is based on how others view you. When you seek validation outside yourself you will never be satisfied or truly happy because what others give you they can take away. Shoot for the type of success that no one can take away— a sense of self worth. Lasting success starts within yourself, and believe it or not you have everything you need right now!

Placing high value on yourself can translate into having a successful, fulfilling life. Self-worth to me means choosing to love myself and prioritize my own health and wellbeing— physically and emotionally.

Developing self-worth has a major impact on your own health and mindset, along with cultivating respectful relationships, career, home environment, and critical for manifesting all your heart’s desires. A University of Michigan study on college students found that those who base their self-worth on external factors, like grades and appearance, reported “more anger, academic problems and relationship conflicts” than those who based theirs on internal sources. In addition higher alcohol/drug use and symptoms of eating disorders were noted. On the other hand, students within this same study who base self-worth on internal sources received higher grades and were less likely to drugs and alcohol, or to develop eating disorders.

The idea of prioritizing your own wellbeing may sound selfish at first. I used to struggle with saying “no” to doing favors for people and always trying to put others first, often neglecting my own NEEDS (and sometimes still do); prioritizing time for myself became low on the list because I wanted to please others and “do it all.” Most of the time I could manage my schedule to make all people and projects fit, but it came at the cost of increasing stress. Living in a state of angst and to-do lists was unsustainable, I found it impossible to give 100% of my attention to the people I cared about, including myself. Intuitively, I knew something had to change because my potential to create more good in the world was diminishing as I compromised my own NEEDS.

Building Self-Worth:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others, everyone has their own unique life story. This is hard to do, but the first step is to become aware once you make a self judgment. Don’t judge the judging, just bring awareness and see if you can let go and embrace yourself as you are.

  2. Practice self-compassion. Explore this amazing site.

  3. Incorporate mindfulness into your life whether it be at work, home, driving, or before bedtime. Bringing awareness to your mind and body will deepen internal connection thus allow you to give love to areas that need it.

  4. If you struggle with these suggestions don’t hesitate to get help with identifying and clearing any negative core beliefs. These can be blocks to developing self worth and hinder your future success. (Look for a therapist like Ashley Leising who incorporates EFT/Tapping)

I am very passionate about this topic. As I continue to learn and develop my self-worth I look forward to sharing my personal discoveries in hopes that you can too!

Looking to delve deeper into this work check out Lacy Phillip’s The Expanded Podcast or her site. Her manifestation teachings inspired this post and her podcasts forever keep expanding my mind!

"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green",

Lizzie Shutt


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