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Slowing Down for Human Optimization

This post is about my winter break intentions and the lesson I am constantly learning: Slow Down.

Slow Down. Breathe. Tap Into Yourself. Listen.

I have a passion for learning. When I discover a new topic I want to know everything about it and how it relates to my life! “Passion for learning” sounds like something to put on your resume, but I honestly feel it consumes me too much sometimes.

Typical scenario: I extensively keep researching and listening to podcasts to gain more knowledge so I feel “smart enough” to actually take personal action or share with the world. I find myself falling into a trap of self-limiting beliefs, “you’re not ready”, that drive me to continue searching for the whole story rather than stepping back to absorb what I have already learned.

From the topics I am super interested in (see below), I seek to draw parallels between the natural world and humans. I believe the fundamental idea that “we are all connected” can save our planet and humanity from all the pain and suffering. That’s why I created this blog “Consciously Connecting” because I had to start somewhere. The blog launch was a leap of faith for me. I am proud of myself, but negative thoughts constantly creep in, telling me “You need to be doing more” or “This is not enough”. These past few months I have been learning to quiet those voices and to slow down. Slowing down is my next big leap.

Over winter break I plan to experiment with myself. I received my microbiome test results back and as I hypothesized I am having bad digestion (I’ve had excessive burping since middle school). The test results come with food recommendations, which has created an internal struggle because the majority of foods that I eat were on the “avoid” or “minimize” list. (More on this in a future blog).

I am switching my mentality to view this as a personal challenge. These next two months I can slow down and take time to implement all I have learned about human optimization. My mantra is “Progress, Not Perfection.” I challenge myself to stop searching externally for answers and to start tuning into my inner wisdom.

The areas I will be optimizing are sleep, physical activity, breath work, and intuitive nutrition. I share this with you all to help keep myself accountable and possibly inspire you to slow down and listen to what your body is truly asking for this season.

Podcasts that inspire me:

  • Living in 4D with Paul Chek

  • PlantProof Podcast

  • Expanded with Lacy Phillips

  • Rich Roll

  • The Human Connection

  • Muscle Intelligence Podcast with Ben Pakulski

Topics I love: Fungi, Nutrition, Energy Fields, Love & Fear, Plant Medicine, Regenerative Agriculture, Power of the Mind, Breathing, Sleeping, Human Performance, Manifestation

“Eat Intuitively, Walk Regularly, Breathe Deeply, Sleep Soundly”,

Lizzie Shutt


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