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Sustainable Brand Shopping Guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Holiday shopping can get overwhelming and searching for sustainable brands to support adds another layer of overwhelm. This is a compiled list of the brands I have come across that are taking action to give back to the planet and repurpose "waste".

I too have struggled with the internal battle of whether or not to buy that cheap Forever 21shirt.

The low price entices the shopper, but taking a moment to pause and think about where this shirt came from, who made it, and how much pollution resulted from production could really change your view.

I believe it's important to think, and it's important to have self-compassion for where you are at on your journey. Some of you may be totally on the upcycled clothing grind and others may have never thought about the pollution the fashion industry produces. I want to encourage you, not shame you! So let's support each other in taking baby steps toward a sustainable lifestyle! #wearethechange #bethechange

Before buying new other ways to save money and the planet:

  • clothing swap with friends

  • thrift shopping

  • repurpose old clothes

  • online stores like Depop and Poshmark

Save this blog for your holiday shopping and share it with friends and family! Send it to your mom so they actually buy you what you want and you can feel good about where it came from ;)



  • Insta @vibrantearthcreations

  • Insta @somethingbent

  • Insta @solsearchsupply


  • Redefined Goods: a gville friend, upcycled fabrics into cutest totes and bucket hats redefined-goods.com

  • Bountiful Bag: Upcycled material from Craft Beer and Entertainment Industries thebountifulbag.com/shop

  • Mimycri: Upcycled materials into a modern designed bag. Durable adventure bags, computer sleeve, fanny pack, pencil case etc. www.mimycri.de

  • Rareform: Upcycled and colorful.Luggage, wallets, bags www.rareform.com

  • Erin Made: headbands, socks, clothes www.erinmade.com

Yoga Mats & Yoga Clothes




  • Organic Basics: underwear, activewear, stockings, socks, essentials www.organicbasics.me/shop

  • My Parade: colorful fun underwear, https://yourparade.com/

  • Reformation: Super into sustainable fashion ll types of clothes https://www.thereformation.com/

  • Natures Dye: a gville friend, naturally dyed fabrics and plant prints on clothes www.naturesdye.com

  • The Wylde: natural and organic plant dyed clothes, www.the-wylde.com

  • Miakoda: comfy pants and leisurewear, www.miakodanewyork.com

  • TET Responsible Wear: workers ethically treated, but the fabric doesn’t seem as sustainably sourced. LOTS of cute stuff tho… bikinis, resort wear, lounge, yoga.

  • Teji Dos Royo: Sustainably dyed Jeans, www.tejidosroyo.com

  • Seea: Surf clothes and bikinis for women, www.seea.com

  • Newbern: Slow fashion, handmade custom designs: vegan tees, dresses, swimwear, skirts www.halliesplantlife.com

  • Inmind: Organic and recycled cute tees and comfy clothes, www.inmindclothing.com

  • Cleobella: CUTE dresses and clothes, ethically made to support the workers and give back, the fabric is not as sustainable tho, shop.cleobella.com

  • Sadie Mae Thirft: Gville friend, thrifted flipped items super cute, insta @sadiemaethrift

  • Everything With Love: cute tees, small business owned, www.everythingwithlove.org/

  • Mora Surf Boutique: South Florida local small business, women run, handmade

  • Stitch It to the Patriarchy: funny tees, upcycled fashion with embroidered messages www.StitchIttothePatriarchy.com

  • CHNGE: sustainable fabrics, carbon-neutral, cute tees with good messages www.chnge.com

  • Treasure Trulls: upcycled finds vintage and FUNKY, @TREASURETRULLS on etsy

  • Immortelle: Slow fashion, plant dyed, www.immortelle-label.com

  • Haxel and Folk: CUTE clothes sustainable and ethical, dresses, skirts, lounge www.hazelandfolk.com

  • Arnhem: Aussie made, give back to the planet, CUTE girly dresses and bikinis www.arnhem.co

  • Finder Keepers Co: thrifted cool company lots of items, www.finderskeepers-co.com

  • Elysia Closet: thrift find sold through Instagram @elysiascloset

  • Hoochi: comfy pants made by hand in miami www.hoochistuff.com

  • Naadam: Cashmere created fairly www.naadam.co

  • Patagonia: TONS of outdoor and leisure clothes and all types of giving back to planet and using recycled fabrics

  • WaterLust: coolest patterns of aquatic animals, donates money for marine conservation www.waterlust.com

  • Return Ecowear: crop tees dyed with plants, super cute www.returnbali.com

  • Wild Soul Project: supports wildlife, made in Costa Rica, slow fashion www.wildsoulprojectcr.com

  • Etica: denim and knitwear sustainable and plants trees for shopping

  • Carla Auiroga: thrifted. Handmade, funky and cute clothes all kinds, www.carlaquiroga.com

  • Cedar and Vine: Slow fashion, linen wear www.cedarandvine.net/

  • Zulu and Zephyr: comfy organic clothes

  • Australian Stitch: ethically made, sweatsuits


If you have any you want to add send an email:


Happy Holidays!!

"Live Dirty Eat Green & Clean",

Lizzie Shutt

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