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The Yoga of Living

Millions of Americans practice yoga and meditation because in some way it has bettered their lives, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. For many of these practitioners, they are experiencing the tip of the iceberg by going through the poses (asanas) and following their breath (prana).

The Asanas are just one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga set forth by yogic master Patanjali way back around 400 CE. When you ask eastern practitioners, specifically in yoga’s birthplace India, they will say the poses are the least essential of their yoga practice. The poses are a way to connect to your body, breath, and the present moment, however, the full scope of a yoga practice occurs off your mat.

I have created a six-week program alongside my friend Bailey, “The Yoga of Living”, about creating a spiritual practice on and off your mat by transforming your daily activities, like moving and eating, into actions performed with a higher consciousness or presence. This past summer I took MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) at the Sacred Treehouse via Zoom and I noticed how different my second half of 2020 was compared to the first half. I have always been caring and patient, but now I experience life with greater awareness of my own thoughts, behaviors, and I approach myself and others with greater compassion and understanding than ever before!! Everything seems more clear and aligned through practicing mindfulness and applying it to my daily life!

The Yoga of Living program is designed to enhance daily practice both on and off our mats.

Bailey and I are both yogis and share the same understanding of the Sanskrit meaning of Yoga: “union”. In this sense, the Yoga of Living is to live in harmony, to create union between your soul and a higher source. Our course is not intended to be a religious one and you can choose what you want to call “source”. The union is merely a way of living that is in harmony with the nature of the universe. Our course hopes to inspire your self-discovery.

Bailey teaches amazing yoga classes and I have been studying holistic nutrition and mindfulness for nearly 200 hours this past year (Integrative Nutrition Certification Program, MBSR, and Mindfulness & Happiness).

By combining our two backgrounds we bring to you an experience that will transform your 2021 !! This includes weekly modules with yoga classes, recipe ebooks & meal prep planners, meditations, journal prompts, holistic nutrition videos, time management tools, deeper teachings on yoga and eating, and most importantly accountability. Each week there will be Sunday calls for Q & A, to talk about our struggles and successes, and time for us all to practice going deeper together.

Many people, including myself, make New Year Resolutions and don’t stick to them because they lack a support system to hold them accountable. Here is the perfect package! I personally can’t wait to dedicate time to myself, my goals, getting into a consistent yoga practice, and having an intimate group of like-minded people to hold me accountable and push me to grow more than I could by doing it alone…

The Yoga of Living: Alive to Thrive Program begins Sunday, January 3rd so you only have a few days left to sign up! This is also our first time offering this program so it will never be cheaper than right now! Email or text me to ask more questions or set up a call to learn more. I am happy to give you the clarity you need: lizzieshutt3@gmail.com (561)-573-1625

  • Are you looking to prioritize yourself more? #selfcareisnotselfish

  • Are you ready to take the next step in your wellness journey?

  • Do you often lose motivation when working towards goals?

  • Do you want to eat “healthier” but don’t know where to start?

  • Do you want to develop a consistent mindfulness and yoga practice?

You have read down to this point for a reason.

You are READY to make 2021 a transformational year starting from week one!!

Let’s Get Started!

You will learn practices to apply in everyday life for the rest of your life! Your body will change through the years, yet these practices will support the change and act as a guide for you to know what your body needs.

The source of much emotional and even physical pain is a lack of connection, to oneself and to their community. The foundation of this program is connection. I am beyond excited to connect with you and help each other grow!

ENROLL NOW to Join me on January 3rd!

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green”,

Lizzie Shutt


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