• Lizzie Shutt

About "Trunk" Section

Trunks act as the physical connectors between all parts of the tree. From roots to shoots to fruits, the water and nutrients transport up and down the trunk through xylem and phloem. The physical human body stands for the trunk because what we feed ourselves translates to how we grow physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

Human health is the center topic in this section featuring: plant-based living, antibiotics and plant medicine, hormones, environment, brain health, exercise, preparing foods in the most nutrient dense form. Having your mind, body, and heart aligned is difficult in a world where every month there’s a new diet fad, trending superfood, or quick-fix marketed for attaining wellness. My intention is to provide peer-reviewed research in addition to personal thoughts on these subjects. Most importantly, I hope you continue to develop your roots along with your stem because intuitive eating and mindful living is the path to true personal health.

Alongside a Costa Rican river, this big tree greets travelers for a safe crossing. Big trees will forever have my heart as if you couldn't tell from my face.

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