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I thought I would make this blog a challenge for me and fun for you to read! As some of you know I graduated from Integrative Nutrition’s online health coaching program and now I am getting ready to launch my program! It is an exciting time in my life and I want to extend my passion for wellness with you. Investing in yourself is a powerful act one that saves you time by having a mentor who keeps you accountable and is a few steps ahead of where you are now.

As your HEALTH COACH I will…

H: Help guide you through the process of unlocking your intuitive wisdom

E: Engage your mind and body on a healing journey

A: Accountability every week to ensure you are sticking to your goals

L: Listen with a non-judgemental presence to your story, struggles, & goals in life

T: Trust in my client’s ability to do their homework and put in the effort

H: Hold space for you to feel safe and vulnerable enough to welcome the discomfort

C: Compassion for yourself and others is key in my process

O: Open the door to your ideal life, it’s your job to step in

A: Activate the brain and breath, rewire it to practice mindfulness and gratitude

C: Cultivate clarity and confidence in your life’s purpose

H: Help you see your full potential to achieve the greatest health in your body, mind, relationships, finances, career, and beyond!!

Health coaching is not about telling you what to eat and giving you a workout routine, that’s part of month one basics. The reason so many of us quit, procrastinate, or don’t even try is because of our own limiting beliefs holding us back from success (and we need accountability). I believe the intangible work is the most important so that is where I will focus my time with you to develop.

I want to help you so you are better able to care for yourself, family, community and the planet. Every step of the way I’ll be celebrating your small and BIG wins!!

Does this sound like the sign you have been looking for?

I believe we are never actually “ready” to start things, it is a question of are you “WILLING” to live the life of health and happiness you deserve?

The choice is in your hands. You create the life you live. I can help you along this path by bringing in my experiences and training to support your growth.

As I am new to coaching my first round of clients will be charged a discounted rate.

See this as a low-risk opportunity to receive high-paying results. I do have limit on the amount of people I can take on right now so be sure to reach out if you are SERIOUS about leveling up!

If you are questioning if this is right for you let’s chat about your goals and current situation. I am sure you will leave our call with more clarity than before.

Sign up for a FREE No-Pressure Clarity Call with me!

I believe this is a powerful time in the global system to enact change.

The energy is shifting and opening up in new ways. I believe you are reading this for a reason (& you know it)! Human connection is an unstoppable force and I would be honored to connect with you.

Email me (lizzieshutt3@gmail.com) or click here to schedule a chat with me!

I love connecting with all walks of life.

I bet I’ll be learning from you just as you’re learning from me ;)

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"Live Dirty, Eat Clean & Green",

Lizzie Shutt


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