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Wise Tribe: Creating a Wiser World

Creating a Wiser World.

That’s no easy task and there are many approaches one may go about tackling this important task.

Wise Tribe, a local grassroots non-profit, is doing just that. Their mission is to increase the health of communities and the planet through food, learning, and well-being. I love this organization because the leaders understand the principle that we are all connected-- people, plants, soil, sun, everything! By understanding the idea that life is like a web and not a bunch of separate life forms puts you one step closer to actually fostering sustainable change.

I strongly believe investing in the education and development of our children is the way to save the health of the planet and humanity. This is another reason why I am excited about Wise Tribe is because kids are a primary focus of the mission. They have gained trust and befriended local schools, including staff and students, to educate them and also learn from them about what the community needs in order to collaborate and solve environmental issues.

Over the summer I helped with their summer camp to cook, create, share ideas, and garden! I love talking to young adults because they come with an open mind and a different perspective to share that adults may not think of. Each student created their own project to initiate change in their community or school. These were no simple projects, one student made an action plan to implement Meatless Mondays for her school (I look forward to reconnecting with her over break and to hear how it’s going)!

Jacqueline is celebrating this joint female farming venture with a local family that is going to use their backyard farm to inspire others in their neighborhood.

This organization would not come to life without the brilliant mind and passionate heart of the founder, Jacqueline Botting. The first time I met Jacqueline I could tell that she had big ideas and she wasn’t going to let her visions go by the wayside. Others who could feel that energy too joined together to create a successful team to spread the mission of Wise Tribe out into the community.

Getting involved with a grassroots movement is so unique because every opinion and idea counts and people are committed to something far greater than themselves. The people involved are not there to criticize one another rather we are all here to raise the community consciousness and create positive change.

This past week Jacqueline reached out to me to help create plant-based recipes for #MeatlessMondays and contribute to developing a curriculum based around sustainability, food, and wellbeing. I am honored and ready for this challenge that will combine all my passions!

Wise Tribe has many local projects going on, so I encourage you to join me and become a wise triber too here! Check out their blog, Meatless Monday recipes, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I'll be serving my Coconut Chickpea Curry tonight at the Wise Tribe holiday party!

"Live Dirty, Eat Green & Clean",

Lizzie Shutt


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